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Welcome to Seawolf Submarine

Explore with us the treasures of the Red Sea’s underwater world.

In our Submarines, we take you in a tour around the amazing underwater world of Hurghada, where you enjoy the magical view of the nearby, beautiful coral reefs in the north of Giftun Island.

Who are we?

The Seawolf Company, founded by three persons, is well established for more than 14 years in Hurghada.

We operate a successful dive center and an aqua center and organize mainly liveaboards on 6 different yachts.

We are proud to have more than 80 employees.

Two years ago, we ventured to the opening of another branch – “diving and not getting wet.”
Our nearby goal now is to offer you an unforgettable excursion on our Semi-Submarines.

Enjoy browsing our website.